About Us

Along with courtesy and care our entire staff is trained in handling all items from cleaning, setting up/staging, research and pricing your possessions. Our continued research brings us knowledge and understanding to each sale. This helps give my staff and I an ADVANTAGE over the competition because we bring that knowledge to share on each and every sale. We have 10+ years of experience in dealing with the liquidation of Antiques, Collectibles, tools and all of todays modern items that can be found in every home.
I started this business to make sure that this great industry remains as so and to see to it that all my clients can rest assured that there are numerous reasons to go with the ADVANTAGE. We are committed to ensure that all goes smoothly with nothing but happiness for all who are involved. We know you can choose any company out here, but we will see to it that you and your life's possessions will be handled with the utmost respect, professionalism and care as if they were our very own.

I have seen and heard many horror stories about how badly a sale can go from wrong advertising, theft, sales staff being unprofessional, outright blatantly rude to customers and clients and in the end, finding many unsold things were still there. Rest assure we will work with you, we are looking out for you and your best interest. We will ensure that your sale will be run professionally and if any issue should arise it will be dealt with professionally and immedately once identified.